The Hidden

Session 32: The First Artifact

In Which Gennevive Gets Hers

The heroes maneuvered through the labyrinthine halls of the keep trying to move deeper and deeper bypassing contingents of devils and keeping their heads low under the hoods they wore. They had donned purple robes after killing the smiths in the room where Tegalad had greedily took up Crast’s old sword, a wicked gleam in his once caring eyes. The party headed out to navigate the halls once more.

After avoiding many guards, making their way stealthily among dank corridors into the depths of Minauros the heroes were unable to avoid a confrontation with a group of devils of higher order wearing red robes. The devils fought viciously, taking control of Tegalad and igniting his flesh with flame steering him about the field of combat to fight his friends. The battle was won swiftly with good planning and luck.

Finally after a spiraling maze of branching corridors and twisted hallways they were confronted with a set of double doors that faced to what could be ascertained as the center of this hell-maze. Preparations were made and the door was forced open to reveal a room filled with scrolls and books and ladders. In the center was a pool of hellish red and black liquid boiling up under a platform surrounded with sigils of religious make. Atop the platform sat a disembodied ebony head with a silver veil set gently upon it.

Searching the room was a party of red-robed hooded devils carrying a box among them. The devils turned to the heroes and as though they recognized them, set upon them with malicious intent. The battle proved very tense… The devils proved to be the shape-changing bitch Gennevive leading a pair of Illithid and a Mimic and it’s get as backup. All wore holy symbols of Ghaunadaur and were intent on destroying everyone in the party. As the fight waged on Jack, who had been taking the brunt of the evil forces wrath yet never backing down, was ensnared by one of the Mind Flayers tentacles. He continued to fight, cutting swaths of pain into the entire group of foes. As his friends watched, he was brought to the ground, his eyes rolling up into his head, his mouth open in a silent scream, and a sickening crunch followed by a hideous slurping noise echoed through the room. Jack was dead, his skull bored messily into by the Mind Flayer, his brain devoured by it’s tentacled maw.

Witnessing the death of their unofficial leader caused all, even Ixtab to see red with fury. They assaulted the foes with new vigor and lust for revenge for their fallen friend. Tegalad, determined to inflict as much pain on Gennevive as possible struck at her, whisked her out of this realm and deposited her in the foul boiling pool. She hardly had time to scream as she sank swiftly until the top of her head was all that showed with scorched skin. Chipper set to finish the job and flung his Feyslaughter dagger at her head, striking true and the liquid churned and her clothing emerged and quickly burned away, and Gennevive was gone, melted into the pool of hellfire and pain. The team mopped up the rest of her allies and went to searching the room.

Chipper approached the burning runes and set to disarming them and managed after a moment to do just that. Tegalad swiftly ascended to the platform and snatched the veil and put it on… Nothing happened. He searched the room as Ixtab and the others tended to Jack. He found a small box, opened it to find a second veil. He placed it on his head and vanished from sight. Shortly afterward he came back into view and put the veil in his hand into the box and joined his friends to be sent back to Barter’s Pass.

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions



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