Dara Erestelee

Aging Half-Elf priestess of Chauntea


Dara Erestelee is a kind and gentle Half-Elven woman easily winding into her early 50’s. She has been the sole tender to the shrine in Barter’s Pass for at least two thirds of her lifetime. Her tone is always soft and caring and she always has a kind word to say, even in the unfortunate time such as this with the vandalism and troubled atmosphere as of late. She is prone to repeating “Life be with you.” upon any exit she makes from friend and stranger alike. Her golden hair is graying and small wrinkles have begun to show at the corners of her eyes and mouth but it is obvious that in her prime she was an exquisite beauty. She is always seen in gowns of whites and yellows, light colors and comfortable folds.


Dara Erestelee

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