Erina Hart

Colorful and boisterous gnome woman and proprietor of Erina's Sundries.


Erina Hart is most notable due to her penchant to wear the opposite of what most people in the town adorn themselves with. Erina loves color and flowing garments and flaunts them whenever possible. She still has enough sense to make sure she is dressed appropriately when needed but her casual wear looks to most folks like celebration garbing.

She is young enough to have only seen about 30 years or so in total and it tends to show. She is still spry and energetic and always very happy to show customers all of her bizarre odds and ends before getting to the basic goods. This grates on those like Hummut when he comes in simply for some eggs and bread and she shows him her new “Who-zzit or Wha-zzit” or another colorful banner she thinks his shop could use to “Spruce up the place…”

The town loves the little bit of color she brings and even though Fritz and Hummut will grumble about it, they tolerate her eccentricities without argument. Erina’s only love other than her collection of fine trinkets are her chickens. She cares for them dearly as they bring her good coin in their end. She can be seen in her off hours sitting on the fence watching them or feeding them from the grain stores beside her shop.


Erina Hart

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