This woman of many faces seems to be orchestrating maneuvers that no one can fathom across the planes.


Much is unknown about the person named Gennevive who has been linked to the missing trader Thadius Markins, the arrival of the Kruthik hive and the missing staff of the Harkness family. She has been known (according to her former servant Kuix) to take multiple forms during her escapades.

The newest run-in with this sneaky woman was within the underground temple of Gond where she attempted and succeeded in some unknown degree, to use The Rose. The party managed to defeat her minions and stop her ritual but Gennevive managed to make a swift escape before they could stop her and put an end to her plans.

The heroes later caught up to her in Minauros where she was attempting to acquire the veil of deception. There they finally managed to slay the doppelganger before she could escape, but not before Jack was killed by her illithid lackey.



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