Hummut Baldort

Crotchety aging dwarven proprietor of Hummut's Hammers.


Hummut came to Barter’s Pass a good while ago, most recount him always being here. Older members of the community like Dara recount him also being less grumpy when he was younger and just a part-time metal-smith. According to some he used to be an adventurer of sorts himself and just decided to settle down here in Barter’s Pass. He is reaching that late age for a dwarf and his whiskers are graying and his head is bald. He is stout and sturdy with weathered skin and a muscular frame. Rarely seen outside of his shop, Hummut is usually gruff when spoken to and is always seen wearing a smithy apron and thick canvas clothes. He isn’t known to speak long on any one subject and keeps to himself.


Hummut Baldort

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