Trista Harkness

Middle sister and most rambunctuous of the three.


Trista is the wildest of the three Harkness sisters, and the most troublesome. Many a times has she had to be dragged back from The Kickin’ Chicken by Marian and Celeste at the end of the night where she drank the night away with the travelers and pilgrims that have come through town. She longs to leave Battledale for something more adventurous. She has a light smooth tone in her voice and speaks very openly and brashly, sometimes even out of place which embarrasses some travelers. She dresses more in sheer clothes for her own comfort but also because it draws attention to her which she loves.

. . .

Trista Harkness was found in a cell behind a secret door in the underground temple found in the kruthik hive. She said that Thadius Markins had been kept in the adjacent cell, but she didn’t know where he was. The heroes escorted her back to the surface and to the nearby Krundle farm before heading back below to seek out the missing merchant.


Trista Harkness

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