The Hidden

Session 30: Breaching the Gate
We're in Ur Luh-brinth Pwning Ur Devils

To be continued

Session 29: No Good Deed
No One Said This Would be Easy

To be announced.

Session 28: Revelations
The Answer You Seek is to Keep Going

The party was faced, upon their exit of the tower, with a large two headed dragon that was dubbed “Frost-Fire” the creature hopped down before them and immediately spouted fire and ice upon the majority of the party. The fight was tense for a bit before Jack managed to draw the ire of the heads and sever them from the body. The guardian dragon now dead they saw the purple field vanish from around the Ritual of Remembrance. Ixtab took this immediate opportunity to snatch it up and then gathered his allies and used the elemental stone given him by Thadius Markins to transport them all happily home.

Interlude: Dancing on Water
It Takes a Strong Heart


Tegalad stumbled his way down the main dirt street of Barter’s Pass with his eyes firmly fixed on the ground. It was nearly sunset and the sunlight that once brought peace and harmony to the elf’s soul was rapidly fading away. A few of the townsfolk offered him greetings and thanked him for the brave work he had done to protect the town. He barely listened to them as he made his slow march through town. Was he exposing himself to the people’s well-wishes to make himself feel better? If so, it didn’t help much. It only further drove further his depression of what he had done.

The elf finally made his way to the outskirts of the town. He slowly looked back at the merry people as they lived their lives in the moment. Tegalad quickly turned his head away from staring. Elves do not live in the moment. They never have and that is why they have lost so much while dreaming of the future and reliving the past.

Session 27: Personal Issues
Sometimes It Has to be Cruel to be Kind

To be continued.

Session 26: The Cruel Tower
This is Your Final Destination

To be continued.

Session 25: The False God
Nothing Good Can Come of This

To be continued…

Session 24: Dead Orphans
Nothing Sadder than Lost Children.

To be continued…

Session 23: Surfacing
Things Are Tough All Over

24 Marpenoth, 1519 DR

The group wandered around the emptied waterway corridors for awhile before they found another door with a large ring intended to be turned in order to open. The nearby walls were riddled with a series of pipes, some of which were broken. They determined that the pipe system would have to be repaired before the door would open, and after scavenging some of the spare parts from the supply closet in which they had slept, Onyx performed a mending ritual on the ancient device. Just over half an hour later, the door opened.

Three doors exited the chamber beyond, each of which opened to a long hallway. The third was filled with water which rushed in and threatened to sweep Ixtab away before it quickly drained out of the chamber. Choosing the left hand tunnel, they wandered for almost an hour before the dwarf announced that he thought they had gone the wrong way. Backtracking, they tried the right hand corridor, they explored for just under half an hour before Ixtab shook his head and suggested they head back again. The central path seemed to lead in the correct direction and eventually deposited them at the door with the sounds of something burning coming from beyond it.

Session 22: Keys

23 Marpenoth (Continued)

The adventurers came to a chamber with a locked door, and while Chipper worked on it, they came under attack. Defeating the amorphous fleshy and/or bony creatures was little real challenge, but the door continued to thwart the drow. The group continued on, hoping to find a key.

They found several attached to a ring on the belt of a large corrupted genasi. The creature was quite mad, communicated via telepathy, and was attended by ghouls. The fight was tougher, but the party proved victorious, even though Ixtab and Jack contracted a disease that left them coughing up blood. The dwarf then took the keys and led the party back to the locked door.

He opened the path to an optional boss fight that was Tough. As. Hell. The party was grateful to win and even more grateful to evict the corpses of the creatures there so they could lock the door behind them and take several hours to recover from the brutal day.

Chapter 3 – Hell Mountain Frozen Over


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