Tag: Dead


  • Leira

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Religion]] >> Leira --- Unaligned Exarch
    Gender: female
    Sphere: Deception
    Dominion: Unknown
    Priests: mistcallers
    Adjective: Leiran Leira, also known as …

  • Myrkul

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Religion]] >> Myrkul --- Evil Deity
    Gender: male
    Sphere: The dead
    Dominion: Fugue Plane
    Priests: doombringers
    Adjective: Myrkulyte Myrkul, also known as …

  • Vhaeraun

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Religion]] >> Vhaeraun --- Chaotic Evil Deity
    Gender: male
    Sphere: Thievery
    Dominion: (Formerly) Demonweb Pits
    Priests: assassins
    Adjective: Vhaeraunite …

  • Velsharoon

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Religion]] >> Velsharoon --- Evil Exarch
    Gender: male
    Sphere: Undeath
    Dominion: Unknown
    Priests: clerics
    Adjective: Velsharoonie Velsharoon (pronounced …

  • Kalan Liberius

    “May the goddess guide my hand,” Kalan muttered as he entered this den of evil that no doubt belonged to the vile priestess of Loviatar that he sought. This wretched creature had committed unspeakable acts to his fellow Joybringers, torturing …