Abandoned House

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The abandoned farmhouse lies just outside of Barter’s Pass, about a 20 minute walk down the road headed East and then up through a grain field another 10 minutes by foot. The house sits, dilapidated and bowing under its own weight.

It sits atop a small rise and can be made out from the road topping the golden field, its windows boarded carelessly and its roof sagging. The front stoop breaking and weather-worn is the only entrance to the old home. The house supposedly belonged to a family of half elves before being abandoned and now sits lonely and crumbling. The lack of upkeep turned it into a health hazard for any who would venture within. No one has been up to the house in as long as any can remember for fear of breaking a leg or being crushed for their efforts in disturbing its slow decay.

It has recently been discovered by a party of adventurers that the house is now the entrance point for a hive of kruthiks that have been causing many problems for Barter’s Pass.

Abandoned House

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