Hummut's Inventory

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“As long as your here, may as well get prepared for the road…”


Farm Supplies

Item Cost Quantity Available
Farm Implements (Shovels, Pickaxes, Hammers, etc.) 2gp Abundant
Work Clothes 1gp Abundant
Wagon 20gp 2
Hand Plow 15gp 4


Item Cost Quantity Available
Dagger 1gp Sold Out!
Quarterstaff 5gp 2
Battle Axe 15gp 2
Hand Axe 5gp 8
Longsword 15gp 1
Shortsword 10gp 5
Throwing Hammer 5gp 6
War Hammer 15gp 5
Greataxe 30gp 1
Greatsword 30gp 1
Maul 30gp 3
Equipment Repairs 10% of Equipment Cost Available


Item Cost Quantity Available
Chainmail 40gp 2
Scale Armor 45gp 3
Hide Armor 30gp 2
Leather Armor 25gp 1
Armor Repairs 10% of Armor Cost Available


Item Cost Quantity Available
Augmenting Whetstone (LV.6) 75gp 2
Alchemist Acid Arrows(LV.1) 25gp 3
Alchemist Fire Arrows(LV.1) 25gp 5
Alchemist Frost Arrows(LV.1) 25gp 4
Nail of Sealing (LV.4) 40gp 4

Hummut's Inventory

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