Ixtab Entry 13

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Oy, the deep darks are being as bad as I feared. A right bunch of nasty beasties call this forsaken place their home. I’m wishing there was a way to complete this task without ever setting foot in the darkness.

After we defeated Terrakrant, the other dragon stayed true to his word and taught us how to use the earth node. I took a chance to rest me weary bones as Set listened to the teachings of the dragon. This is probably the last time I’ll be able sit back and enjoy a good pipe. The pipeweed ol’ Klaudius gifted me with is delicious as always. It’ll be a damn shame if I never get to share a pipe with him again. I drifted off to sleep as the dragon’s low rumble of a voice droned on.

I awoke to the sounds of Set shouting at us to get ourselves in gear and through the portal he had opened…apparently it would not last forever. The portal opened into pure blackness, even the drow could not see through it. Being the good sport, Chipper volunteered to go first, claiming that he would be safest in the deep darks. We heard a brief yelp and a muffled thud as Chipper stepped through and fell a few feet to the floor below. Knowing what to expect apparently did not prepare me for the fall, landing face first on a curious patch of earth.

The floor we had landed on was of a peculiarly porous stone that seemed to let us sink into it with ease. My instincts told me that this would be prime breeding ground for all sorts of foul beasties. As I scuffed my boot along the floor in speculation, a tremor began to rise up. Hideous corpses began to claw out of the earth and advance upon us. I could hear Chipper calling that we had trouble from above…that is when the webs fell upon us, sapping our strength and holding us fast to the ground.

The corpses did not pose much of a threat, until they started to explode. Waves of gore and bones assaulted us as the spiders creeped ever closer. Jack roared in rage as the webbing continued to get the better of him, throwing curses and javelins at the cowardly spiders that skirted just beyond his reach. The spirits were with us and in the end we prevailed. Taking time to investigate the room, we found that the smooth black walls of the cavern seemed to absorb light. High above us we spotted an opening in the wall. Set surprised us with a ramp he created out of the shadows themselves to allow us to climb out of the chamber.

We followed the narrow twisting path of the cavern and eventually it came to a dead end, dropping off into a pool of bitterly cold water. Once again Set prevailed and enchanted us with the ability to breath like fish. We trudged through the submerged tunnel for what seemed like hours before it finally opened into a large cavern. We spotted several fish men lurking about on the shore of the underwater lake. We attempted to surprise them and we were succesful to a small degree. They in turn surprised us with an ambush from the cliffs above. I stayed back, willing the spirits to assist my comrades as they were beset by the fish beasties. Each time blood was drawn, the strange plant life that grew on the walls of the cavern reacted violently, sending bolts of energy into the victim. It was a bitter fight, but soon the fish men were defeated. I wonder what more nasty suprises the deep darks hold for us.

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Ixtab Entry 13

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