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14 Nightal, DR 1519

We fought Chk-kk. Well, the others fought him. I got maybe a couple of slashes in on his underlings and the beholder itself before I was turned to stone by its supernatural gaze. Considering I’m around to pen this entry, I suppose it is clear that the boys were able to win despite my absence. Humbling, to tell the truth.

When I regained my senses, I was flanked by a pair of hulking abominations that appeared to be overly-muscled illithid giants. Fortunately(?), Set was there to prevent me from doing something stupid like attacking the behemoths. It is galling that his was the first “friendly” face I saw upon returning to the flesh. By all appearances, he is making every effort to stay in my good graces and to help the group succeed in their goals. But I cannot forget his angle in all of this – he seeks one of the artifacts for his own purposes. His goals and ours only align so far.

I soon discovered the reason I had been restored (at no small effort on the part of my fellows) shortly after recovering and leaving the thoons behind. The mind flayer Graa-kkak was withholding the location of the yuan-ti stronghold because it had made the deal with me. I suppose there are some benefits for being the “face” of any organization. Ixtab assured me that he would have sought my restoration anyway. I am the only other member to have died during our adventures, and we are apparently in a competition. He has two points to my one and a half now. Crazy dwarf.

The location of the crown of horns secured, we set out from Ooltul as soon as possible. Our path led us into a massive forest formed of the bones of countless dead creatures of great size. Perhaps an hour into the forest, Tegalad used the magical map acquired from the duergar merchant to show us the layout of our surroundings, including important features. One of these was a cemetery, which seemed unnecessary considering the boneyard was one mass grave. Still, this triggered the shaman’s memory about a treasure map for a magical dagger that he’d gotten from the librarian in Hell.

We thought, “What the hell?” and decided to search the cemetery to find out if there was any link. My joints were a little stiff from having been made of stone only hours before, and it seemed prudent to loosen up before getting to the yuan-ti where the real threat lies. Besides, the odds of the place being littered with undead to smite seemed high.

Always play the odds.

We were attacked by skeletons at first, and then the entire damned place came to life and tried to kill us. The details are lost to me, a haze of amnesia that I’m going to blame on the petrification of the previous day. And who knows what else the thoons or their handler might have done to me while I was spending time as a statue? Whatever the case, we put a stop to the graveyard within a graveyard, and then moved closer to our true goal.

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Jack Entry 39

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