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Residents of Barter’s Pass:

Dara Erestelee – Aging Priestess of Chauntea (female half-elf)

Harkness Family – Pipeweed Farmers (human)

Krundle Family – Grain Farmers (half-orc and human)

Fritz Orgolot – Grizzled, Quiet Innkeeper (male tiefling)

Zelda Darlyl – Cheerful, Young Red-Haired Barmaid (female human)

Erina Hart – Friendly Shopkeeper (female gnome)

Hummut Baldort – Gruff Blacksmith (male dwarf)

Residents of the forgotten Genasi City:

Kata-Lin – Genasi slave-girl of water aspect (female genasi)

Brusker Tsumari – Genasi slave and father of Kata-Lin (male genasi)

Berelius – Genasi “Harbinger” for the False God (male undead genasi)


Kuix – Flunky to the Cult of Ghaunadaur (male wererat)

Gennevive – Leader of the Local Cult of Ghaunadaur (female doppelganger)

Gretch – Philandering Pilgrim (male human)

Marissa – Gretch’s Spurned Wife (female tiefling)

Marrelle – The Other Woman (female half-elf)

Barakus – The Adopted Uncle (male goliath)


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