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Chauntea – The Great Mother, Matron Deity of Barter’s Pass

Ghaunadaur – That Which Lurks, Former Drow Deity

Gond – Lord of All Smiths

Ilmater – The Broken God, Jack’s Deity

Leira – Lady of the Mists, Slain by Cyric the Mad

Lliira – Our Lady of Joy, Kalan’s Deity

Myrkul – Lord of the Dead, Slain by Midnight

Selûne – The Moonmaiden, Onyx’s Deity

Shar – Mistress of the Night, Chipper’s Deity

Talos – The Storm Lord, Marissa’s Deity and Aspect of Gruumsh

Ubtao – The Father of the Dinosaurs, Ixtab’s Primordial Patron

Velsharoon – The Dead Diety of the Undead, Burned to Death with The Simbul

Vhaeraun – The Masked God of Night, Slain by Eilistraee


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