Forsaken Shell

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Forsaken Shell:

  • A Forsaken Shell is skin ripped from a creature’s body and then animated purposefully or spontaneously by foul magic. The primary motivation of forsaken shells is to propagate their kind, though they also hunt living creatures for sport.
  • Religion Check DC 15 (Complete): Forsaken shells arise when skin is ripped from the flesh of a living target. The flesh is then animated either through the actions of a necromancer or through spontaneous necrotic energy. Forsaken shells have incredible elasticity and flexibility. They can easily escape many forms of restraint.
  • Religion Check DC 18 (Complete): Forsaken shells propagate their kind by ripping the skin off their victims, assimilating it, and then exuding it as a new monster. In this way, one forsaken shell can spawn thousands of its kind, creating an army of animate skin.
  • Religion Check DC 21 (Incomplete): ???

Appears in Session: 12

Forsaken Shell

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