Hell Hath No Fury

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Autumn Harvest is the busiest time of year for the people of Barter’s Pass. Dozens of travelers, caravans and families come through the Pass in order to pay homage, celebrate and pray for a bountiful harvest at the shrine of Chauntea. The people of the pass are used to all sorts, they see people of all races and backgrounds, some just caught a ride on a caravan on the way through and are witnesses to the celebration, others serious about their pilgrimage. Every year there is a little trouble here and there with the numbers, and the townspeople manage to settle disputes simply enough.

This year is a bit different though. As though things weren’t tragic enough with Thadius Markins spouting gibberish, the loss of a heroic priest and the discovery of an underground temple, the influx of merrymakers has managed to cause even more strife. This time in the form of an adulterous husband and his furious wife.

It would seem that on the eve before the celebration a man named Gretch managed to bed himself a half-elven woman named Marrelle. His tiefling wife Marissa caught the two in the throws of passion and vaulted into a tirade storming out of The Kickin’ Chicken and off down the trade road. The next day, her husband has posted a reward for the retrieval of his vanished wife, but unfortunately, not all is as it seems.


Hell Hath No Fury

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