Ixtab Entry 14

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Huh…didn’t know there be cities down here in the deep darks. Old Ixtab just thought it to all be untamed wilds. Figured it to just be a series of caves filled with death traps and such. Thats not to say that the city is safe, great dinosaur no. The place is filled with scum and villainy. Hell, a dirty dark dwarf lead us to this cesspool of corruption.

We met him after fighting the fishmen, out in the midst of an enormous cavern. Chipper had gone off to scout ahead, leaving us standing in the blackness, waiting for him to return. It is a very uncomfortable feeling being stuck in pitch black…especially considering what foes we have already come across in our short time here.

When Chipper returned, he told us of a dwarf standing amidst a pile of corpses and a wagon. We approached the dwarf, who cautiously called out for us to make known ourselves and our intentions. Dwarf my arse, he was a filthy duegar! I bit me tongue and kept it polite in spite of his vile nature. One less enemy in a land full of evil is fine by me. He introduced himself as Dooger D. Digger, a merchant of sorts, taking his wares to market when he was set upon by the beasties of the dark.

We agreed it would be in our best interests to travel together, he said he was on his way too a nearby by city known as Ootul. The trader made small talk with us as we traveled, directing us to a tavern where we might find information that we were seeking. As we entered the town we witnessed all sorts of hideous beasties wandering about. Mindflayers, drow, undead…all of the evils of the world in one place. I kept having to tell meself that we had more important things to worry about than these vile beasties.

The dark dwarf dropped us off in front of a tavern called the Skull Cap, not a place for the feint of heart. Filled we miscreants of all sorts, we made our way to the bar to speak with the owner, a mindflayer. When we asked about information on a certain yuan-ti fortress, he seemed to already know our purpose. It was unsettling for him to know about the crown. He seemed willing to part with the information we sought, but only after we do him a small favor. A rival of his is also looking for the crown, so by defeating his rival, we are do him and ourselves a favor. It all reminds me too much of our recent bargain with a certain gray dragon.

We struck the deal to slay his rival, a beholder…whatever manner of beastie that is. Our new employer pointed us in the direction of one of the beholders lackeys. An undead monstrosity that was seated in the corner of the bar. Now we sit and wait for him to leave, so that we can follow him back to his master’s lair.

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Ixtab Entry 14

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