Ixtab Entry 3

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21 Eleint

So, it turns out, going down the well wasn’t our best idea ever. The others decided to climb down by means of a rope, being the smart one of the party I found it faster to just fall and hope for the best. After descending a hundred feet or so, the well opened up into a wide cavern with a few islands. It smelled like rotten eggs and vomit, which in fact we soon found out that it was vomit. Some fairly disturbing looking beasties were standing on the islands and releasing all sorts of bodily waste into the water. No doubt that this is what caused the townspeople to become sick.

Quickly a fight ensued where we were sure we had the upper hand. The demons however had a trick up their sleeves. The little ones had a nasty habit of exploding in a mess of gore when we slew them. The disgusting splatter appeared to strengthen their larger brethren. But as always, we persevered, sending the beasts back to the hells from whence they came.

Taking some time to gain our bearings and bandage our wounds, I soon found a swirling vortex of water in the cavern, seeing no other viable option, I took a deep breath and plunged into the whirlpool. Being flushed down the vortex was quite the enjoyable experience, slipping and sliding wildly until it deposited us on solid ground once again. Seeing that there was but one tunnel leaving from this room, we went to investigate.

After but a few moments the tunnel opened up into another spacious cavern filled with large stone pillars and covered in a mass of sticky webs. By the spirits! To think of the size of the spider it would take to create this web. Turns out, that they were quite large indeed, and vicious to boot. With some good ol’ stomping, we managed to exterminate the pests and proceed on our investigation of the caverns.

We came upon another large room with a deep chasm running through the middle, we could hear rushing water at the bottom. There was a bridge of natural stone spanning the gap, but yet another demon stood upon the bridge, and multiple more were across the way, defecating into the water. After tossing the large one on the bridge into the chasm, the little buggers were soon dispatched. Crossing the span was quite a challenge, Perrin just couldn’t seem to find a solid purchase on the bridge, luckily he was tied by rope and didn’t fall. Methinks maybe if we trimmed his nails, his paws would be able to get some more traction.

The stench of rotten eggs grew stronger and the air more stifling and humid as we continued forward. We stumbled upon a room filled with boiling pools of sulfur and another nasty lot of demons. It seems that these beasts were even dumber than the previous because their battle tactics seemed non-existent. They simply piled together and stood there as Perrin dispatched a good deal of them with a spray of quills. After that it seems that Tegalad found his calling in life…pitching demons into vats of acid.

Quickly dispatching the lot of them, we came upon yet more demons. These were a terribly lazy lot, lounging beside an underground stream. They never knew what hit them. We then found passage lower into the depths of the world. Once our descent leveled off, we came upon a large cavern with rubble strewn about. The sounds of combat reached our ears and we quickly ran to join the fray. We found nasty bunch of beetles assaulting a creature made of stone. Not sure what the stone behemoth was, we soon ascertained that the beetles were up to no good for sure, so we slew them, taking our chances that the stone man was not an enemy…

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Ixtab Entry 3

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