Ixtab Entry 7

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Oy what a stressful mess, all of this sneaking around is really wearing on me. We have been on this…what is it…some sort of plane of hell or some nonsense for a few days now, trying to catch that witch Gennevive before she can cause more trouble. And by trouble I mean end the world or become a goddess or some such. It can never be simple can it, no we can’t get the quest to save a kitten or stop a band of highwaymen. Instead we are charged with crossing the very planes of existence and stopping a mad woman from gathering the relics of long dead gods.

So, we ventured forth with the idea of catching up to Gennevive before she could get her hands on any of the relics. Our journey has brought us to a fortress known as the Labyrinth of Truth, a veritable maze filled with knowledge that spans the worlds. What trouble could one small maze bring when compared to the maze that is life? I’ll tell you what trouble comes with it, an entire army of demon beasties. How many of them are here I have no idea of knowing, more than I ever wanted to see in my lifetime, that is for sure.

Chipper brought up the idea of disguising ourselves so as to blend in with the locals, and so far it has been met with mixed results. Sure it got us in the gate, but right off the start our disguises were seen through and we had to fight for our lives. With but moments to spare, we dispatched the beasties and fled deeper into the labyrinth, before more could find us. In our haste we forgot the disguises we were wearing and cut down yet another host of demons.

After catching our breathes, we realized that we were in no immediate peril and had a chance to consider our options. We could either blaze a path of destruction through this hostile territory, or play it smart and use our disguises to our advantage. The robes of our enemies made quite the disguise, until we reached lower levels of the maze. The robes of our first encounters seemed out of place the deeper we went, and eventually we were noticed. The beasties here wore robes colored black, signifying rank methinks. After another vicious encounter that we managed to keep quiet enough to not be detected by others, we had another set of robes to update our disguises with. Apparently robes weren’t enough for Jack, I don’t know what has gotten into him…but wearing the flesh of our enemies as a disguise, that just ain’t right. He seems to be in a darker mood as of late, maybe this place is wearing on him.

The halls are dark, and the stress of keeping up the disguise is nerve wracking. Every time we pass one of the beasties I just know he is going to turn on us and rend us to pieces. By the time we reached the library I was at my nerves end. I took my frustration out on the poor clerk within, demon or not, he had no ill will against us. I through him up against the wall and demanded answers. Once we had what we needed we should have let him go, but why risk an alarm we asked. I stood by as he was executed, my inaction as good as the killing blow.

This place is the embodiment of evil, I know this now. Our task is not only to stop the shapechanger from recovering the relic of evil, but also to test our wills, to see if we are true of heart and have what it takes to stop the advancements of evil. With any luck we will be gone from this place soon and the urges it brings will be left behiind. Gennevive is close I can sense it. The spirits grow aggitated as we near, anticipation grows as what could be the conclusion of this endless struggle that has plagued us for these past months draws near. She must not escape us again, too much is at stake.

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Ixtab Entry 7

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