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14 Eleint, 1519 DR

The Joybringer be praised we are still alive! It has indeed been a long night. It all began with an influx of Chauntean pilgrims into Barter’s Pass. Finally reaching their destination and finding the shrine they sought to worship at defiled by some unknown evil left the poor travelers on the verge of despair. Lucky for them I was there to prevent a total disaster, showing them that there be other ways to show praise to the gods. For Chauntea be kind and provideth us with grain, without which there would be no ale.

The celebration aside, more important events were brewing this evening. I was blessed enough to meet with several like minded lads who shared a concern about the whereabouts of my old acquaintance Thadius Markins. A strange lot these fellows, a bunch of pointy ears, a man that looks like a wolf...and a wolf that actually turned out to be a man, lord be praised my mistress keeps me on my toes. After that wonderful lass Trista Harkness (the Joybringer be praised that girl knows what is important in life!) retired for the night, and Thrugg Krundle was forcibly ejected from the bar, things turned sour.

Screams of near hysteria ended our festivities early. Me and the fellows rushed to see what was amiss, only to find Thrugg’s wife Deidra Krundle crying for help. On their way home they had been accosted by some unknown beasty and Thrugg was dragged off into the darkness of the fields. Thadius would have to wait, we had to help Thrugg.

A ways outside of the town we found a trail leading off into the fields, towards an old abandoned house. Then the troubles really began, we heard strange chittering noises all about and before we knew what was happening, they were upon us. Hideous insectoids attacked from the fields. The wolfman, armed with but a dagger, charged forth and fought with a ferocity that would have scared a demon from the nine hells. In the end we were victorious but had suffered some grievous wounds, thankfully Lliira smiled upon us and sent us on our merry way.

Shortly after, we found Thrugg laying wounded in the field. We patched him up as best we could and helped him back to town. We set out once more for the abandoned house after taking the time to properly arm ourselves. We came across a pile of burned rubbish and were soon accosted by more of the creatures. After dispatching them, we discovered that the remains were most likely of Thaddius’ wagon, for we found some of his possessions, the plot thickens!

Inside the house was more of the creatures and what I believe to be a werebeast. Once again we made quick work of the insects and Jack took the wererat (we came to know as Kuix) prisoner. After some quick questioning we ascertained that Kuix had been sent here by a lady known as Gennevive to start up this hive of creatures that lay below the house. He led us to believe that she is looking for something of importance beneath the ground.

Being the nice guy he is, Jack offered to let Kuix lead us below the house and into the creatures hive. Kuix was terrified at the thought but saw it as his only chance to survive. Once under the house, we were once again thrown into the midst of battle as more of the creatures came to attack us. After several fights and multiple wounds, we stumbled upon the corpse of a previous adventurer (one of whom we believe was previously seeking Thadius). The poor lass had been half eaten by the bugs.

Thinking it best to retreat for the night and come back fresh and fully prepared for what we must do, we returned to the town. Once back in Barter’s Pass, I saw to the burial of what remained of the poor girl, I truly hope her soul will make it to the fields of joy. A mug of ale and a soft bed were provided me, for tomorrow we press once more into the clutches of evil.

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