Onyx Entry 5

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The events that transpired after the spiders were put down is something I remember fondly. We moved through the underground caverns like a wolf pack, quickly engaging and dispatching all of the foul spawn in our path. We moved well together and I remember feeling a true sense of camaraderie that I had not felt since back in the days before magic returned to the druids. Back then I was still very young, but I remember a similar bond between the members of my grove.

The details of our endeavors are hard to remember because we moved so quickly from battle to battle. I remember first finding several demons dropping pots of foul liquid into an underground river. We killed most and the rest found a most ironic demise by being thrown into the rushing river themselves.

Next I remember delving deeper into the caverns and finding a room full of sulfurous geysers. The caustic liquid saturated the air and made it hard to see and breath. Inside the chamber were new types of demons…small little abominations that were all teeth and that could fly. There were others still that seemed to explode upon their death. We soon learned, however, that they were not immune to the acidic environment and they easily dissolved in the geysers. Looking back I must say that I am glad they did not think of the same tactic against us.

After that we took a side tunnel and dispatched another group of little demons that seemed to be lazily lying around in a room with another water source. They did not put up much of a fight.

Next, we went back to the sulfur room and investigated a hole in what seemed to be a giant stone. This giant stone had warding glyphs scratched upon the surface. It seemed to us that the demons had spent a considerable effort in boring through this rock to find a tunnel beyond that went down under the sulfur springs. Down further in we entered a chamber full of geode crystals and glowing mosses. Inside were several beetle demons that arced lightning across their backs similar to how I arc blue fire over my body when I manipulate the Spellscar within me. These demons were engaged with what seemed like a geode golem. I think they are really called Geodudes, but my memory is foggy there. It seemed that there were other dead geodudes in the chamber and I remember thinking that they died defending their home from the demon invaders. We ran to the aid of the last geodude standing and dispatched the beetles with it’s help.

Afterward we were please to find out that it spoke common. It pointed us towards the main invasion group and then moved on to continue fighting in other areas of the cavern. We headed further in…

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Onyx Entry 5

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