Tegalad Entry 12

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With our new founded gear firmly in place, we set out once more to find the last orb to the main room on this level. The next room on the hallway contained yet more devils which we dispatched with ease. The second room contained yet more devils which we once again were able to defeat. It had almost become routine for us. Everyone was working in sync and it felt like there was little that could stop us.

Within the last room we finally found the last orb needed to unlock the doors at the end of the hallway. Placing both red stones in the door, we pushed them open to reveal a large ritual chamber. Upon the altar of Gond was a woman half dressed and bleeding from several cuts from a razor sharp dagger being held by another tiefling. Like the previous floor, there were also several bodyguard devils with the ritualist. I quickly moved into the room and activated my circle of power to try and start pulling the flying devils in with my sun snare. It didn’t work out so well. With the way essentially blocked due to the devils, I had no clear path to get to the tiefling like before. Thankfully Onyx and Chipper were able to get around the devil bodyguards with Onyx in the lead due to his wolf form.

As Jack, Ixtab and I took care of the devils, Onyx went in for the kill on the tiefling only to find out that it was another shapechanger. The appearance of the tiefling disappeared and a succubus showed her true form. She proved to be difficult to deal with as she took control over Onyx’s mind and used him as a personal shield. Due to some fast thinking on Chipper’s part however, we managed to get Onyx away from her which allowed Jack and I to put an end to the succubus.

With the ritual stopped, we were able to save the woman’s life. She said that she was with the caravan that had come into town but couldn’t remember how she got down into the temple. We were able to find a page containing a fragment of the ritual that the devils were performing. Even with it translated it didn’t provide much insight to what their ultimate goal was. We left the room and returned the woman to the previous floor ritual chamber so she could identify the remains of the man who died on the altar. It turned out to be her husband. She pleaded with us to find her child that was with them before they were taken. We agreed and then moved on, helping the woman to an empty room so she could hide till we found a means of escape. We did attempt to return her to the surface through the river room that we thought led to the surface but as it turned out, was blocked off.

With the woman stored away, we returned to the ritual chamber, took part of the healing fonts within the room before discussing what to do next.

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