Tegalad Entry 2

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Tegalad finished the first portion of his story and looked to the being before him. He tried to gauge its reaction to his story but found no answers. The creature was completely unreadable. He gave a sigh, “Yeah, I didn’t think that would be enough. I might as well finish the whole story.”

“So where was I…oh yes, the house. With the fight over, Chipper went about exploring the upper floor of the abandoned house and only found a few trinkets and potions. We then focused on questioned our captive, the rat man, about what was going on. He explained that he was hired to begin the hive of kruthiks and then guard the house against invaders. It was a sniveling creature, barely amounting to anything, but Jack decided to drag him along deeper into the hive so that he could point out any ‘surprises.’

Shortly after heading down the hole, we encountered another group of kruthiks. This batch didn’t prove too difficult for us, though it was a bit annoying to move around the ratman. I was pleased to see our group working so well together. I was doubly pleased that my initial encounters using circle dancing have proven to be highly successful. After the fight we pressed onward where we came upon a large feeding room with many dismembered goat parts as well as the remains of a little girl. This was disheartening and only pushed our resolve to end this kruthik hive once and for all.

As we looked over the bodies and ordered the ratman to carry the remains of the girl, Chipper scouted out the next tunnel and returned a few minutes later to report that there was another group of kruthiks digging at a wall in the next chamber. The entrance was steep, however, and would put us at a disadvantage. The good news was that he thought there was an easier way through a different passage. So the group gathered together and headed off down a separate passage which brought us into the chamber Chipper indicated.

Sure enough, several kruthiks were digging at the wall and had just encountered an insect creature of some kind. The little kruthiks swarmed the insect, devouring it in only a short time. We used the distraction to gain a good tactical position before striking. The fight was brief and intense but we managed to defeat them though we were exhausted afterward. We decided to retreat out of the house and return to town so we could recover, inform the town what was going on and then head back.

The journey back to The Kickin’ Chicken was quick and quiet, which was a welcome relief. The food was marginal but the sleep was excellent and by the morning I felt fully refreshed. Jack and some of the others were running errands when I awoke, so I gathered my things to be ready to head back and headed down for some food. Again, marginal. A couple of hours or so later we were back at the house and back in the hive.

We traveled back to the last chamber and found a tunnel heading deeper in. As we traveled along, we passed by a hatchery of eggs and little kruthiks. One might think that it was cute…if one was demented and insane. We decided not to push our luck with dealing with so many eggs and pressed onward. Instead, we came across another group of kruthiks in the next chamber. The adult kruthiks proved to be more difficult to deal with this time around with their burrowing tactics and spitting acid. One particular attack caused so much pain that I blacked out for a moment. When I came to my senses, the fight was still in full swing and I quickly got back to my feet and reestablished my circle to help in the fight. Thankfully, we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Only barely though.

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Tegalad Entry 2

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