Tegalad Entry 20

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As we stood facing the genasi dragging the woman away, I felt compelled to intervene. It was the right thing to do, regardless if she was ‘owned’ by him or not. Just because she is his slave doesn’t make it right. I called out to the short genasi to stop and release her but he only scoffed at me. She we drew our weapons to make our point. The two hulking genasi were happy to oblige and we were engaged in combat. It wasn’t too much of a fight, the genasi guards were little more than mindless brutes. The little one was more cunning but there were five of us and three of them. It didn’t take long.

When the fighting was done, the woman scampered off, afraid of us or what had happened. I wasn’t sure. After a few minutes we were able to calm her down enough to find out he rname was Kala-lin and that she was ‘used’ by the fallen genasi for whatever inspired them at the time. Many of her people were apparently like this. Either slaves or fallen. When we tried to ask her more questions, she suggested that we speak with the elder of the town and offered to lead us there. What she didn’t mention was the roundabout, 2 hour walk it would take. Now, I’m all for walking but really, her super cautious was borderline lunacy.

Eventually we arrived at a large building and met the elder, her father named Brusker Tsumari. He explained that their city use to be a thriving genasi city until a creature calling itself a god came down from the mountain and took over the city. It corrupted many of the genasi into being its servants and followers. The rest were reduced to being pawns and playthings. It was depressing. When asked about the tower at the top of the mountain, he mentioned that it used to be a tower to many gods and it was maintained by angels. Many years ago, for some unknown reason, the tower was corrupted and became a wicked place. The only way to get to the tower was through the temple in the city. This meant we had to go through the false god to continue on our journey.

A frontal assault would be suicide considering the influence that this false god has over the fallen genasi. However, Brusker knew of a genasi that knew a way in, a secret way. The problem, and there always is one, was that this so called harbinger, is always guarded and paraded through town. Defeat the guards and we had a way in. Jack was less than pleased with this whole situation which confused me. Here was clearly a group of people suffering and pleaded for help. He is a servant of the god of suffering. I would think he would be more…involved with this task but he seems to resent even being here on this mission. Perhaps the sacking of his god’s temples back on the prime has troubled him more deeply than he realizes. If he doesn’t recognize this…he may end of up being lost from his faith and in turn, lose the man. Human gods and their followers baffle me sometimes.

With our mission before us, we headed back into town to wait for the dragging of the harbinger. We didn’t have to wait long. Several fallen genasi came down the main street with a venerable genasi between them. As they came into range, we charged them from behind a building. The fallen were clearly surprised by the attack as they were slow to mount a counter offensive. The four genasi quickly fell to our blades one after the other. Our journey up has just taken another step.

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Tegalad Entry 20

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