Tegalad Entry 38

My pulse has begun to quicken the closer to get to our target. Certainly the Crown of Horns is an important goal to achieve, though frankly, I could care less. My mission is simple, recover one of the last remaining items of my former master and, gods willing, and put down the priestess that killed him. Though I have come to terms with what happened, the road to redemption is a thin path. The sword, I think it whispers to me sometimes, trying to encourage me to do the right thing. Revenge may not be the right thing, but it is justice for what she did.

The others are their usual selves. Chipper seems to be at home moving about in the dark. I can’t say I blame him for returning to his natural environment. I do not like the underdark myself, completely outside of my natural environment of vast forests and plains. Thankfully, we won’t be down here to long.

During our trek through the dark caves, we stumbled onto a dwarven merchant. The dwarf was headed towards a city called Ooltul. When I asked him about a possible map, he had one for sale and it turned out to be magically enchanted. A good find and I gladly paid for it. Once the pleasantries were over with, we headed to the city of Ooltul, a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Upon our arrival, we posed as guards for the merchant to the mind flayer soldier at the gate. We were let in without any hassle though I found the whole exchange to be disturbing. Mind flayer soldiers guarding the gate? How creepy is this place? It would not take long for my answer. As we moved through the city and the marketplace, dozens of bizarre creatures were out in the open selling their wares. Creatures that, if encountered in any other place, would be attacked on sight or even better, run away from.

Getting away from the outlandish marketplace, we entered The Skull Cap, a self described tavern. The bartender? A mind flayer. Good gods we can’t get away from them. He seemed friendly enough though, even when we asked about the yuan-ti fortress and the Crown of Horns. Graa-kkak, I think that was its name, said that it could give us information but we had to kill a beholder crime lord. Really? It’s like a mythical bard story somehow. Since we really didn’t have a choice in the matter, we agreed to the deal.

Our first task was to find the beholder’s lair which we would do by following one of his lackeys into an alleyway and beating the information out of him. It proved to be easy enough to do. With the hideout location in our possession, we headed out to a large building with an open roof. The only means inside appeared to be through the front door or the roof. Not caring to climb the building, I voted for the front door. They wouldn’t expect an assault that way anyhow. The rest of the group agreed. So we kicked in the front door, killed the guards in the front room and then made our way inside the building. Easy.

Tegalad Entry 38

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