Tegalad Entry 39

As it turns out, I know nothing about criminal organizations, especially those in the Underdark. The nightmare den of these criminals was hell. To top it off, the beholder wasn’t just any beholder, it was also an undead tyrant. Great. The thing was furious that was had invaded its lair and immediately attacked us in full rage. The start of the fight was not too bad for us; we got into our usual stances and motions, working together as a team. Then Jack was turned to stone. Then it got hard.

Thankfully, Ixtab, Chipper and Set were up to the challenge, especially Ixtab. His ability to adapt and react to a given situation has vastly improved over the time I have fought with him. I’m glad to see him coming into his own. The fight with the undead beholder could have gone much worse if it wasn’t for him.

I do not think Chipper is a true drow. At least, he doesn’t act like one that I can tell. I do not claim to be an expert on how drow should act; he just seems vastly different based on my own experiences with them in my younger years. Perhaps his god…well, I do not know which god he follows come to think of it. It has never come up before nor do I recall if he has mentioned it. I suppose it really does not matter which god he follows. He’s different from his people, just like I am different from the blade singers. Outcast enemies joined together for a common purpose. Cold the world be any less strange.

I’m still unsure about Set. He has certainly shown himself to be a powerful sorcerer, raining down devastating magic when in combat and produced several fantastic ritual magic when we reach an obstacle that we cannot easily pass. But still, I’m unsure of his motives. Is he in this for the greater good? He has already said that he seeks one of these items for his god. I don’t care what god he works for, no god or mortal should have these items. The temptation is too much. I hope that Set can understand this. If he cannot, we will do battle, victor goes the spoils.

Once the beholder was defeated, we went back to the Inn and purchased a ritual to revive Jack from his stone prison. I was relieved when he finally came back to us. With all of that done, we got the information on the Crown and its location. When then set out on the journey through the Underdark. Our first stop was through a bone forest. So many creatures had died in this graveyard that it literally looked like a forest. It was creepy. We made a slight detour to try and find some hidden treasure that was noted on the map, but encounters a nasty group of undead instead. It was not a hard fight though, just a delay in the course of this long quest.

Tegalad Entry 39

The Hidden Luke