Tegalad Entry 40

I’m not sure why the group decided to go and pick a fight with every damn creature in the Underdark. I am past the need for treasure and coin. I have plenty of money, more than I would ever spend. Why do I need more? I only care about the items taken from my mentor and the divine artifacts. All we are doing is wasting time, energy and resources hunting down possibly useless stuff. But I was out-voiced by the others, especially Set. Why this newcomer is pushing so hard for these little side adventurers, I do not know but I don’t trust him.

So we reviewed the map and found several places that could contain treasure. Our main goal, however, was a dracolich at the other end of the bone forest. So as we moved in that direction, we found a suitable (by their view point) place to raid for buried treasure. The grove was covered in blood which Set mentioned it looked like the whole area was under a Gentle Repose ritual. Upon investigation of the large pool of blood at the center of the grove, we were attacked by the blood. A blood ooze to be precise. Two of them to be even more precise. And then there were the oblivion wraiths. Two of those too.

To state we nearly survived would be speaking too kindly to what happened. We got our tails kicked. Hard. The blood of the oozes was poisonous and carried a necrotic taint to it which burned like acid. They sprayed the stuff everywhere and when we hit them, it splattered everywhere. It had to be one of the more painful encounters I have ever been in. We survived though by sticking together and helping each other out. When the blood settled, we were left standing.

The fight drained us though of our energy. My hope of taking down the dracolich now is severely diminished which means that we will be forced to camp in the hellish forest to regain our strength. In the meantime, Ixtab was able to determine that the treasure in this grove was at the bottom of the lake of blood. At the center of the vortex. Great.

For some reason, I was voted to go into the damn lake to get the damn treasure. Wonderful. I tell you what though; I get first call on any item in there. First I have to fight a fight I don’t want and then I have to go into the large lake of blood to go get the treasure. Damn right I get first call. They dragged me into this when I didn’t want.

After we have rested, I will have to put my foot down about any other side conquests that the others may want to do. We cannot keep pressing our luck against these bizarre and dangerous creatures. We have a goal and we need to stay focused on that goal. To do otherwise puts the rest of the realms at risk.

Tegalad Entry 40

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